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Channel Letters

Visible at night. Visible from a distance. We call them Channel Letters. This is a trade term for a sign style that outperforms all others. And its the most visible sign money can buy. A Channel Letter sign illuminates your name with elegance and impact. The letters stand out, away from the building. Like balloons tied to a mailbox, these signs effectively tell people where you are. It makes them a popular choice. A more technical description? Channel Letters are extruded metal structures with plastic faces. Some have an internal light source; either neon or LED. Norton Sign & Design creates Channel Letter signs to complement your architecture. Lighting options include high-efficiency, inexpensive-to-operate L.E.D., classic neon tubing, or fluorescent (for extra large letters). Each light source option offers particular benefits. We customize lighting combinations, colors and configurations to suit your goals. We also fabricate unique (non-standard) letters and logos for your aesthetic preference. Premium materials and proven components are used. Letters are available in every font style.

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