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Sunset Service Center – Arroyo Grande

sunsetag_500x400sunset_ag_500x400   We did not one but TWO signs for Sunset Service Arroyo Grande location. The first is a double sided pan-form pole sign, and the second is a custom-cut painted building sign. The building sign is route-66 inspired to give it a retro-feel to go along with the other signage in the area. Both signs add a little brightness and color to the building making sure their business gets noticed.

What the Truck!

What The Truck!   Wraps like these make our jobs fun! A few weeks back we completed a food truck wrap for Central Coast Brewing called “What the Truck!” A bold design paired with clean vector graphics makes this wrap a head-turner. Keep an eye out, SLO, you’ll want to grab a bite to eat when you see this rolling around town.

The Nautical Bean

3' digital Prints laminated to gatorboard and displayed on a wall.

3′ digital Prints laminated to gatorboard and displayed on a wall.

These digital prints we did for The Nautical Bean came out fantastic and was a great project to be a part of. Photos were brought to the shop which we then scanned at a high resolution, color corrected, and enlarged. These 3’ poster prints were then laminated to gatorboard and displayed on the wall in The Nautical Bean.

The woman in the photos is a long time customer and friend of The Bean who got diagnosed with cancer. Her story is fascinating – she used to be a pin-up girl and actress back in the days of old Hollywood, and this project was a way to celebrate all the great things she did in her life. The woman in the photos has since seen the photo display and she loved it. It was such a great way to show support to a friend.

If you’d like to stop by to take a look at the photos (and grab some coffee while you’re there), The Nautical Bean is located at 11560 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo. Thanks Brett for being such a great client! www.nauticalcafecoffeehouse.com

Rosie the Riveter

What do you get when you cross a great company, wonderful staff, and a vehicle that needs to be wrapped for a Guinness World Record event as a deadline? You get Rosie’s Workwear For Women and this beautifully wrapped van.

Sharon and the rest of the Rosie's crew, posing with Rosie.

Sharon and the rest of the Rosie’s crew, posing with Rosie.

Sharon of Rosie’s Workwear came to us with hopes that we could help her wrap her van with a bold and eye-catching design that matched the vintage-inspired brand on her website. She wanted the design to be simple and clean (modern), yet have a vintage feel to it. Using elements from her website – such as their logo, industrial-era photos of women, the color teal as a main color, and a ‘torn paper’ detail used throughout the website – we had a great starting point for design.

Rosie's webiste - our starting point for design.

Rosie’s webiste – our starting point for design.

Upon the first meeting with Sharon, it was clear that this business and the people who worked there were great. Rosie’s Workwear sells overalls and coveralls for women in a variety of different fields of work – from industrial workers to farm workers. The main challenge was coming up with a ‘tagline’ for the design that was broad enough to encompass women in different fields, but specific enough so that people unfamiliar with the company understood what products the company sold. After coming up with different taglines, we decided on “Industrial workwear for the “Can Do It!” Woman” and we coupled that with images of women from the industrial-era wearing similar overalls and coveralls. The tagline married with the images gave a quick impression of what the company was and who their market was without making the design complex and overwhelming.

We can’t talk about the project without acknowledging the real star of the show – Rosie herself. Her image is instantly recognizable, so we made her the focal point on all sides of the van. If you just saw Rosie’s image – without knowing what the company specialized in – you get the impression of a company dealing with something industrial and geared towards women. Her image drives the feel of the company. Using the ‘torn paper’ element from their website, we created a cut contour along all sides of the van to add visual interest. It’s a small detail, but it really does take the design to the next level. Rosie seems to be bursting out of the design!

Upon revealing the wrap to the people at Rosie’s, we were met with smiles and excitement. There’s no better feeling than delivering a product to our clients and have them be really happy with the outcome. It’s our goal.

The added excitement was the very next day the van would be driven to San Francisco for an event that was being held to break the Guinness World Record for the most women dressed as Rosie the Riveter in one spot. And they did it! They broke the record! Check out the story here: http://usat.ly/1DWoAJb

All-in-all this was one of the most fun projects we’ve worked on here at Norton. Thanks to the ladies at Rosie’s Workwear for being so fantastic.

If you’d like more information about the products that Rosie’s Workwear for Women sells, visit their website: http://www.rosiesworkwear.com


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